To provide a meal for our weekly youth group meeting, become a volunteer.

Chili Mac

5 boxes of mac and cheese
4 small or 1 large cans of chili


3 boxes spaghetti
1 large jar of sauce (meat optional)

Chicken nuggets and tater tots

4-5 pounds chicken nuggets
2 large bag tater tots


3-4 large disposable dishes


~5 quart pot will feed everyone


8 large pizzas (pepperoni, cheese, and Hawaiian)

Nachos and/or tacos

3-4 lbs taco meat
2-3 large bags of chips
4 boxes of taco shells
Sour cream, cheese, lettuce, and fun things to put on top

Rice bowls

Any meat, veggies, and sauce

Breakfast for dinner

Pancakes – 2 boxes
Waffles – 4-5 boxes
Sausage links, bacon, eggs, etc.
Potato bar
15lb bag russet potatoes
Cheese, butter, bacon bits, sour cream, broccoli, chives

Rice and chili

Big box of rice, cheese, and
4 small or 1 large cans of chili

Sandwich bar

3 different kinds of bread or rolls
Turkey, ham, roast beef, cheese, and mayo

Hot dogs

40 dogs, buns, and condiments