Community agreements

Above the influence

Don’t bring cigarettes, alcohol, or other controlled substances to group. Don’t show up to group if you are under the influence. If you are seeking help or resources involving abuse of these items, please speak to a facilitator you trust.

Dress to impress

Wear clothing that covers your parts; no nudity is allowed. You are encouraged to use makeup, clothing, and accessories to express yourself while keeping a safe space for everyone. No drug, alcohol, violent, or abusive references are allowed on clothing or accessories.

Don’t want no drama, nononono drama

Don’t gossip or talk shit about people. Please be inclusive and friendly. If someone looks left out, try to include them in what the group is doing. Don’t exclude or be rude to others. Refrain from telling or texting secrets during group. If you have a problem with someone at group, talk to a facilitator about it.

Let’s (not) get physical

DO NOT HIT PEOPLE, even jokingly. Play-fighting is not OK at Rainbow Youth. Do not bring threatening items to group. Knives, guns, swords, even toy weapons are not allowed. Please talk to a facilitator if you have questions about this agreement.


Respect yourself

Don’t put yourself down. You are awesome!

Respect others

Respect people’s personal property—no touching or taking without permission.

Please think about the things you do and say at group. This space is here for everyone to be themselves, and no one should be uncomfortable being themselves at Rainbow Youth.

Please refrain from talking when others are speaking to the group. One mic, one diva.

During check-in or group discussions, do not text or use other media.

Respect the space

We are privileged to have a safe space to meet; let’s keep it nice and tidy. Please don’t destroy or damage anything. Participate in doing chores. Facilitators are not our maids; they are not here to clean up after us. We share the space, and we share the work.

Get out of my bubble!

Don’t use your body to intimidate or frighten others. No lip kissing or snuggling; it can make others at group uncomfortable. Hand-holding and consensual hugging is all right. One butt per seat. No sitting, laying, or lounging on other people. Other acts can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Real talk

You are encouraged to use language to express yourself and occasional swearing is fine, but please keep it to a minimum and never direct them toward another person. The words we use and the things we say should be nonviolent and in respect of others’ experiences and identities. Descriptions of taking part in controlled substances or violence are not stories that belong at Rainbow Youth. Please also be mindful of the tone of voice you use while at group when speaking to others.

Don’t yuck my yum

If someone is passionate about something and you disagree, please do so quietly. Different people like different things, and it hurts to be interrupted by a “Yuck!” or “That’s stupid!” when talking about something you like.


Definition: “Permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.” If someone shares private things with you, they have only consented to sharing them with you. When you share private things with others without permission, you are violating their trust, and, depending on consent, you may be breaking the law. Consent is key. “No” is a complete sentence. No means no and is final. A “yes” you have to coerce out of someone is not a yes. No guilt tripping.

Gender identity

Gender identity is a spectrum. Please respect people’s identity.


We are understanding: Mistakes happen and will be viewed on a case-by-case basis. However, if you continually and intentionally ignore these agreements or warnings from facilitators, we will ask you to leave or refrain from attending group.